LUXE products are made by flash-freezing potent & resinous cannabis flowers directly after their harvest. Cannabinoids & terpenes are extracted directly from the frozen flowers while they are still fresh and rich in flavor and aroma. The final product is a perfectly-cured punch of cannabinoids & flavor that will overwhelm your senses.



 HeadStash represents the best parts of cannabis- a potent concentration of THC and a punch of mouth-watering terpenes. 

Always made from fresh, cured cannabis flowers. Never made from last year's trim.




When someone asks if we have terpy, fresh flower at a "homie hookup" price- YUP. What about that same flower processed into high THC extracts? YUP!




 Amber Brick is Whatcom County's original concentrate brand. These mid-grade products are offered to our partner 502 retailers at unbeatable prices.